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25th Nov 2016 - This week has been a difficult one!

On Monday; Mrs English Apple Man had a new knee!

My dear wife has suffered with her 'joints' over the last 10 years, and after one new knee seven years ago, now has a 'matching' pair.


The operation is common in our age group - 'over 70's and we must be grateful for the surgical options in today's world; years ago it would be a 'suffer in pain' scenario!


The NHS is discussed daily in news programmes and much criticism falls on Hospitals, Government et al; but we were so pleased with the treatment she received.............


Over the four days in hospital, my wife received and observed the care given to all in her ward and found the food of a very good standard (and we eat very well at home, so are by nature, very discerning) - what upset her was the negativity of other patients - comments to nursing staff which 'they' are obliged to 'simply smile and take it' - this operation was performed under the NHS; her previous operation (7 years ago) performed in a Private Wing of the adjacent Spire Hospital. Had I the resources, I would have funded it privately (as 7 years ago) but now have no reason to be anything other than delighted with her treatment!


It's not just the operation and nursing care; the forethought delivering sound advice about the operation, the physio and support at home, all in all we were well prepared - aids for making toilet and washing delivered to our home in advance. The whole management process has 'moved on' significantly since her previous operation (7 years ago)................


We in this country are so lucky to have 'our' health service - the sad thing is it seems to be a political football, with demands for ever more cash injection; which will NEVER be enough as with constant improvements in technology and medical science, none of us want to 'miss out' on the latest treatment - 'understandable' but impossible to fund all options......




The only way forward is to 'prevent rather than cure' - but it seems we have been so spoilt over the last 7 decades, that rather than take responsibility for maintaining our own health, we abuse our bodies with numerous toxins.........via poor diet and disgusting habits; smoking of course, drinking (one I have been guilty of) - drugs; 'why is it necessary to poison the mind and body' with such substances?


So much easier to blame others, rather than take responsibility for our own health............


Continuing on a health objective - Apples v Statins


Once again science has proven that the best health prescription is an apple a day. Researchers at the University of Oxford say eating one apple every day matches the vascular benefits of modern statin drugs without the harmful side effects.


In a study published in the British Medical Journal, the researchers constructed a theoretical model of the effects of prescribing either a statin drug or a daily apple to all adults in the UK over 50 years old.


They found that prescribing an apple a day would prevent or delay around 8,500 vascular deaths such as heart attacks and strokes every year in the UK. Those results were slightly lower but very similar to the projected results of prescribing statins to everyone over the age of 50. But when you factor in the side effects of statins, apples are the big winner.


To read more; click on Apples v Statins


To my readers; 'sorry for a less informative Journal this week........................


Hopefully, back to normal next week.....


Take care


The English Apple Man