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15th Mar 2019 - The English Apple Man in a Community Orchard

The English Apple Man joined members of the Capel Parish last Saturday, as they set about pruning their Community orchard, under the guidance of Roger Worraker.

For my readers who are fruit growers or involved in the industry - SAD NEWS



Michael Alley who farmed at Sandhurst in Kent passed away recently after a short illness. Michael would have been 87 today 15th March. The funeral service will be held at St. Nicholas Church, Sandhurst, Kent on Wednesday 20th March at 2pm.


Michael was a friend and much admired by The English Apple Man!







Capel Diamond Jubilee Community Orchard, Five Oak Green was the inspiration of Celia Worraker who is heavily involved in the village entering the Village in 'South East in Bloom event'.


For information and pictures of planting day in 2012, click on: Planting a new Community Orchard


Below: The Community Orchard is now seven years old and requiring some pruning!



Since the planting in 2012 the orchard has developed nicely and is now productive. In the 2018 South East in Bloom competition the Capel Diamond Jubilee Community Orchard, Five Oak Green won Gold.


Under Roger's guidance, some of the stronger laterals growing off the centre leader were removed and low branches likely to obstruct the tractor mower were also removed. The enthusiasm of the volunteer helpers typifies the spirit of community!


Below: Enthusiastic supporters of the Community Orchard set about Pruning the 7 year old trees



Below: Roger showing helpers which branch to remove



Below: Pruning in progress across the orchard



The Capel Diamond Jubilee Community Orchard is a great example of bringing the community together, and introducing young people to understanding how nature works, while enjoying the healthy apples grown in their community orchard.




Bubblegum-flavoured apples could be on their way to UK supermarkets as part of a push to tempt children to up their fruit & veg intake.


Agricoat NatureSeal a US-based shelf-life extension technology provider, is planning to introduce its edible coating product NatureSeal on the UK market, after unveiling the technology at London's Casual Dining trade show last week.


The coating is an evolution of technology already in use in the US to prolong the lifespan of pre-cut fruit and veg, which uses a range of vitamins and minerals to extend shelf life by up to 21 days.


NatureSeal also allowed suppliers to infuse slices of fruit such as apples with a variety of flavours including raspberry, elderflower, cinnamon, vanilla, caramel and bubblegum, without compromising colour or crispness, Agricoat said.


The product could be used for snack packs in retail and foodservice, said the supplier, which was "speaking to UK food companies" about introducing the technology.


"NatureSeal is designed to inhibit browning in select fruits and vegetables while maintaining the texture," said a spokesman for the brand. "Flavoured apples encourage children to consume fruit while enjoying a flavour of their choice. We aim to create a unique product which will add variety and choice to healthy eating decisions."


It comes as just 18% of children aged five to 15 ate five standard portions of fruit and veg per day (Public Health England 2017). Meanwhile, English Apples & Pears this week launched a campaign urging consumers to act on the adage of 'an apple a day'.


A consumer study commissioned by EAP last month found 66% of men and 58% of women's recommended daily calorie intake was made up of "processed, unhealthy" snacks.


"With retailer support, we are confident we can persuade more people to choose apples as their healthy snack and ultimately improve the health of the nation," said executive chair of EAP Ali Capper.


"Our research has shown that over half of British shoppers (53%) buy British apples and with better, more visible displays in store 37% of those shoppers would buy even more."


The trade body has recruited student-friendly online influencers, Mob Kitchen, to promote apples as a "healthier snacking option providing soluble fibre which helps to maintain fullness for longer".



To learn more: Click on Agricoat Nature Seal


Last week The Journal reported on the Taste of Kent awards; click on Taste of Kent Awards to access the full list of prize winners.



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