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7th May 2021 - Apple blossom at last!!!!!!!!!

Apple blossom time is so special, and it's creeping in this year rather than rushing in!


Below: Bladon Pippin at advanced Pink Bud stage, another warm day and it will be fully open


We have had a bit more warmth this week, but not enough to create a blaze of blossom, that having been said, there comes a time when the blossom emerges regardless!


Bladon Pippin has Cox as one parent, and aligns with Cox at the blossom stage.


Discovery, Red Devil, Red Windsor and James Grieve are ahead, in bloom with pollen sacs open on many flowers.


Christmas Pippin is a little behind.


Commercial varieties; Braeburn and Gala at early bloom and Jazz more advanced at full bloom/early petal fall stage.


The weather forecast for the next week suggests warmer temperatures, but also copious rain!


Lets cross our fingers and hope the bees pollinate and pollen tube growth results in a decent fruit set!



Below: left; Bladon Pippin Tree, middle Red Windsor Tree and right; The Family tree in my garden




Below: left; Discovery blossom and right; Red Windsor blossom



Below: left; Red Devil blossom and right; James Grieve blossom



Below: left; Christmas Pippin and right; Bladon Pippin bloom



Blossom time produces some amazing photo opportunities and The English Apple Man has captured many over the years, looking back at my Journals, the Issue for 22nd April 2011 is one of the most spectacular!!!!


After clicking on the LINK, hover the cursor over each picture to identify the content of each image


Click on LINK: Apple Blossom in 2011


That is all for this week


Take care


The English Apple Man