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5th Nov 2021 - A last look at National Fruit Show 2021

This week, one last look at the National Fruit Show 2021.


Below: National Fruit Show Executive Chair Sarah Calcutt with Master of Ceremonies Chris Rose and Auctioneer Clive Emson





This year was the first for many a year that the English Apple Man has not attended the Show Dinner.


Show Dinner Programme


Venue: The Clive Emson Conference Centre, Kent Event Centre


18:30 Orchard World Reception


19:30 The Show Dinner sponsored by OnePay and AG Recruitment


Many thanks to: NFS Executive Chair Sarah Calcutt very kindly sent me a summary of the evening event, Norma Tompsett added some information and Martin Apps from Countrywide Photographic supplied the pictures.




Visitors to the show were able to bid on these amazing experiences. even if they were not at the dinner - by placing a £10 bids for the barrow of bottles during the first day at the show. Those wishing to place sealed bids, were able to do so by contacting Annette Bardsley who was at the show on the 20th to take bids.


The lots to be auctioned on the night ~


Hutchinsons - a very special champagne, a limited edition Bollinger Special Cuvee Champagne, the James Bond Edition to celebrate the new film release.


AG Recruitment - A gallon of Sloe Gin


Annette Bardsley - Press day at the 2022 Chelsea Flower Show


Orchard World Ltd - Fruiterers Golf day, Kingswood golf club, Surrey, followed by a delicious lunch. May 2022


Haynes - a day at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed for two


Gullands Solicitors - Iphone SE


FP Matthews - 10 fruit trees


FW Mansfield and son - case of red wine


NP Seymour - a small green tractor


Agwood - a small red tractor


Haynes - a small blue tractor


PiP Ltd Barrow of bottles - you too could take home a barrow of booze from the 2021 dinner. We have asked every table to contribute generously to this wheeled extravaganza, for just £10 it could all be yours!


"The auction raised £4810 and the barrow of bottles raised £1551 - The wonderful Clive Emson ran the auction which was both entertaining as well as exceptionally successful


Below: left; Alana Deacon winner of the "Barrow of Bottles" and right; Claire Seymour checking out the green tractor




The livery (Master Fruiterer Laurence Olins) awarded two prizes during the evening - Colin Bird (Trustee and committee member was awarded the Fruit Culture award. The craftsman award was presented to Chris Moore of Boxford farms



Jon Jones Award


New awards for 2021 included the Jon Jones Prize, endowed by the team he used to lead at Richard Hochfeld. The winner will be an individual who has worked consistently for the benefit of the industry as a whole, someone who has both excelled at their day job but also gone above and beyond to ensure fairness in all that they do.


Below: Carmella Meyer (3rd from the right next to RB) with her family when Raymond Blanc visited Boxford farms at harvest time


The dinner also saw the presentation of the inaugural Jon Jones award, created to recognise an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the fruit industry through their own high standards in business and also their dedication to securing partnership and change in the wider industry. This was awarded to Carmella Meyer also of Boxford farms for her work leading the Plantsman PO, her work with Defra and the RPA on POs, her dedicated multiple decades on the board of British apples and pears and many many other examples of dedicated and impact in this sector.









The annual Bonanza Prize has taken many formats over the years and this year's prize is in keeping with current desires to protect our environment, while capturing energy from our natural resources


This year's Bonanza prize generously donated by Harvest Green Developments was won by the BANFIELD family £10,000 solar investment - they are in the process of converting a barn at the farm for Kelly-Anne to live in so it's a lovely result


Click on Banfields Farm Shop



Master of Ceremonies, Chris Rose delivered his usual 'colourful' performance




Nigel Jenner was on hand with his band Bullshed and plenty of people found the energy to dance the remainder of the night away!






The success of the Show Dinner is a testament to the hard work of Sarah Calcutt and her team; and the enthusiasm of the fruit industry as a whole. The proceeds from the auction go towards the NFS Education Programme.


That's all for this week


Take care


The English Apple Man