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2nd Dec 2022 - Various important issues facing English Growers

My apologies to me readers for the late 'on-line' Publication of this week's Journal, which covers a lot of issues (probably too many)


The English Apple Man recently attended The East Kent Fruit Society 'Winter Meeting' held at Faversham Golf Club.


EKFS Chairman Will Riccini chaired the event in his characteristic 'sparkling style'


Will introduced a panel of expert speakers covering Carbon counting, Defra RPA support schemes, Soil diversity and Regenerative farming.


Will Brandreth from Chavereys


Richard Wordsworth NFU Senior Adviser


Louisa Robinson-Boyer from EMR NIAB


James Smith from Loddington Farm.




The English Apple Man Comments:


The world of farming and the fruit growers I empathise with are facing yet more challenges (as if they haven't already got enough to deal with) without the burden of Carbon Zero targets and Rural Payment Agency complications.


Of course, reducing emissions is a just and noble cause, but Governments 'twist and turn' as they try to balance Carbon Zero targets with the practicality of managing the economy and providing energy for the populace.


As for the RPA, it's never functioned without issues and now as they change from EU financial support to UK government funding, as per normal, the producer is the last one in the financial que!




Will Brandreth from Chavereys gave an overview of the voluntary net zero targets and carbon reporting schemes that supermarkets and their supply chains are signing up to; how this will apply to growers in the top fruit sector. The talk will also touch on distinctions (or lack of) between voluntary reporting, carbon trading, and calculation tools.


Climate change and net zero

Supermarket and value-chains


Company GHG Accounting and Reporting


Concluding points and questions





The most credible toolkit for measuring and optimising your farm's carbon balance, biodiversity, water quality, productive and financial performance - and all in one place. Then use Sandy's artificial intelligence to predict the impact of various management decisions on these assets - enabling farm businesses to make decisions that boosts profitability & sustainability.


Click on: TRINTY Agtech


Below: left. Baseline emissions and right. available Calculators for emissions Trinity probably seen as the most effective.



Below: GHG Protocol standard used by Supermarkets


GHG Protocol supplies the world's most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards.



Below: Supermarket Zero Emission Targets



Below: Conclusions!



The difference between the scenario is determined largely by "when" we get to net zero, not "if" we get to net zero.


The science and the numbers are telling us that limiting the impacts of climate change is a race.


And has to come to your industry in the next 20 years.


To 'go net zero' is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or to ensure that any ongoing emissions are balanced by removals.

This has to ab achieved / administered at different scales.



Louisa Robinson-Boyer from EMR NIAB talked about soil biodiversity


Louise is research leader and CTP-FCR co ordinator NIAB EMR and Technical Director at Smart Rotations by PlantWorks


Below: left. Louisa Robinson-Boyer and right. Innovate UK





Below: James Smith talks about his conversion to Regenerative Farming


James Smith from Loddington Farm, spoke about his journey towards a better way of farming and running a diversified business in uncertain times!


Touching on regenerative farming in perennial crops and how things are changing at Loddington, this is a warts and all conversation about farming and food.


With no slides or notes, James spoke passionately about his change in farming methods from conventional fruit growing as a supplier to Supermarkets and the resulting despair of downward pressure on price and unfair demands, to a more diverse, interesting and less stressful way of life!


James changed his farming to regenerative farming. Click on James Smith and Regenerative Farming








Below: Richard Wordsworth NFU Senior Advisor


Richard Wordsworth, NFU Senior Adviser (Support Schemes) gave an update on various Defra/RPA support schemes and related activity that is happening at this moment, so that you are informed of what is going on.


The session covered elements such as BPS/direct payments, productivity grant and environmental scheme updates.


This is a complex issue to fully comprehend, and The EAM encourages those with issues to use the contact details in Standards and Contacts set out in the final slide. Supporting Members / More Information









That is all for this week, so sorry for the late Publication (1pm on Sunday 4th December)


Take care


The English Apple Man