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10th Nov 2023 - More news from The 90th Anniversary National Fruit Show

The 2023 National Fruit Show - 90th Anniversary Show


Below: After presenting Minette Batters with The Jon Jones award, The English Apple Man poses with the NFU President and NFS Hon Chair Sarah Calcutt. Both ladies are retiring from their prestigious roles, of which they have both enjoyed distinguished success. While The English Apple Man is planning to step down from the NFS Committee after many years of 'hands on' involvement.


In the second instalment of the 90th Anniversary National Fruit Show, pictures of NFU President Minette Batters touring the show with NFS President Catherine Paice, Hon Chair Sarah Calcutt and NFS CEO Sally Flanagan.


The English Apple Man reveals the full list of winners of this year's prizes.


Also a picture collection of some of the award presentations by NFS President Catherine Paice


While this NFS is the 90th anniversary, a quite remarkable event took place on the John Breach stand as John and his team celebrated their 55th appearance at the show - See picture at end of show report



Below: Minette Batters tours the show accompanied by (from the back) Catherine Paice, Annette Bardsley (Vice Chair NFS) Sarah Calcutt and Christine McDowell NFU Policy Advisor. Right What a Beauty!



Below left. Minette meets Ali Capper Chair of British Apples and Pears (BAPL) and right. Meeting Claire Seymour on 'Main Sponsor' NP Seymour Stand



Below: left. Minette meets Rob Storer of BASF and right. Minette with personnel from Show 'Main Sponsor' BASF



Below: President Catherine Paice joins Judges of The Cider Competition, sponsored by South East Farmer and 'took centre stage' this year.



Below: Minette with 'Main Sponsor Worldwide Fruit Ltd personnel on their stand



Below: Minette meets CEO Mike Hutchinson and personnel from 'Main Sponsor' HL Hutchinson and right. Addressing the NFS Conference



Below: Jonathan Blackman - Industry stalwart and Chairman of Fruit Show Judges and right. With over 20 years of experience as a Telegraph columnist, chef and food writer Xanthe Clay joined the Judges panel for the tastiest apple competition




While this NFS is the 90th anniversary, a quite remarkable event took place on the John Breach stand as John and his team celebrated their 55th appearance at the show!


Below John celebrating his 55th Show and son Peter celebrating his 44th Show


While The English Apple Man was well aware of John's long commitment to The National Fruit Show and as a Champion of support to growers with his creation of The British Independent Fruit Growers Association (BIFGA) It escaped my memory that "young Peter" is only 11 years behind his father's tenure as a committed 'Showman'


I should add that have known John since the 1970's when he supplied me with many apple trees for my fruit farm.


In last week's Journal I mentioned 2 new apples launched on The John Breach Stand - Canopy and Tonik


Below: left. Canopy and right. Tonik


Below: Some of the many prize winners


Below: left. Sarah Calcutt launches the prize giving and right. Competition Queen - Annette Bardsley



Below: left. Winner of Best in Show John Bray and right. Winner of Tastiest Apple - 'Cousin Simon Bray



Below: left. Clive Baxter won Tastiest Pear and right. Claygate Farms winner of The BONANZA Prize



Below: left. Nigel Kitney receives the prestigious 'Fruiterers Award' and right. Katie Langridge



Below: Darren Wallis collects the Cornwallis Cup for AC Goatham and right. Clive Maile receives the Best Apple Juice Prize on behalf of Bentleys



David Banfield and his family celebrate success at the NFS as a prize winner at the age of 90!


It takes great patience and expertise to produce winning entries in the Show Class Competition.


We marvel at David Banfield who is a serial winner and has created many entries for other growers as well.


David just loves the opportunity to demonstrate this unique craft.


This year David celebrated his 90th and this coincides nicely with the 90th National Fruit Show.















Below: President Catherine Paice, Alison Baldwin PR, Vice Chair Annette Bardsley, Chief Executive Sally Flanagan & Hon Chair Sarah Calcutt



Bonanza Prize 2023 - Sponsored by Apple Logistics


A day trip on the Thames for four people departing from Windsor Race Course Marina on a 43ft motor cruiser named Good Idea during the summer of 2024.


Lunch and refreshments will be provided on board followed by an evening meal in the marina restaurant.


Horse racing is also an option should dates coincide. The race course is next door to the Marina










Name Bardsley Horticulture Ltd


1 Alfred Shread Cup for Bramley in Class 1

2 The Twyman Prize for Bramley presented by Agrii

3 Squire Salver for Bramley in Class 2

4 The Avalon Fresh Ltd Prize for Bramley

72 Podger Norton Trophy for the Best Exhibit of Culinary Apples


Fruiterers Company Medal for the Best Exhibit of Dessert Apples

77 Fyffes Salver for the Best Exhibit of Bramley

89 John Acock Memorial Rosebowl for exhibitor with most points in culinary classes



Name AC Goatham & Son


19 Cornwallis Cup for Cameo


21 WASP Bin Trophy for Braeburn or any Sport


25 Invicta Petroleum Shield for Any Other Variety Dessert Apple




Name J L Baxter & Son

31 East Kent Packers Cup for Concorde Pears

33 Segro Salver for Any Other Variety Pear

73 Bayer Rose Bowl for the Best Exhibit of Pears

76 Fruiterers Company Medal for the Best Exhibit of Pears




Name B Piper & Partners


29 AMG Trophy for Conference Pears


Cantagrians Cup for the Best Exhibit from an ex-student of Hadlow, KFI or KHI




Name Katie Langridge

5 Dufaylite Developments Cup for Culinary Apples


6 The Wealden AM Prize for AOV Culinary Apples


42 Arthur Goatham Memorial Trophy for Bramley Exhibitor under 40




Name Mallions


7 The Systhane Cup for Cox's Orange Pippin or Any Sport of Cox


8 The Landseer Ltd Prize for Cox's Orange Pippin or any Sport of Cox


15 Pask Cornish & Smart Cup for Gala or any Sport


86 Dan Wuille Cup for best colour and skin quality for the variety in the culinary Apple Classes




Name Claygate Farms Ltd


9 Vernon Hayes (Seeds) Challenge Cup for Cox's Orange Pippin or any Cox Sport



The Wealden AM Prize for Cox's Orange Pippin or any Cox Sport


78 UKF Fertilisers Cup for the Best Cox's O P or Any Sport in Classes 4,5,18






Name A J Bray


13 Fuller Water Systems Trophy for Jazz


14 Worldwide Fruit Prize for Jazz


35 Henshall Rose Bowl for Dessert Apples, Novice Class


69 NFU South East for the Best Exhibit of Apples or Pears in the Show


70 Roderick Sarson Memorial Trophy for the Best All Round Exhibit of Apples


71 Stokes Bomford Rose Bowl for the Best Exhibit of Dessert Apples


74 Fruiterers Company Medal for the Best Exhibit of Dessert Apples


82 Fiennes Cornwallis Trophy for the Exhibitor gaining the highest no. of points in all Classes


85 W Bruce Challenge Cup for the Best Exhibit of Dessert Apples excluding Cox & Sports in Class 20




Name Plumford Farm


17 Foreman Salver for Russets: Egremont or St Edmunds


81 John Thwaites Bowl for highest no. of points in all classes to Kent Exhibitor, North of the M20



Name D J & V L Knight



George Harlow Cup for Any Other Variety Dessert Apple


80 Winch Memorial Challenge Cup for the highest no. of points for Weald of Kent exhibits in all Classes





Name Clive & Richard Edmed


27 Ernest White Cup for Comice Pears




Name Isobell Barrett



39 Western International Market Shield for Dessert Apples, Exhibitor Aged Under 40


40 The Sue Daly Novice Trophy


44 The David Burd Memorial Trophy for the entrant gaining most points in Classes 18/19/20/21 (total)




Name Banfield



88 BIFGA Prize


91 The J R Breach Prize Best Entry of Nuvar Cheerfull Gold-Stardance - Cabaret





Name Windmill Hill Fruits Ltd


56 Berry Gardens Prize for Strawberries - Everbearers



Name New Forest Fruit


57 Joan Buttfield Trophy for Best overall entry of Strawberries




Name Kelsey Farms



58 F Edmed & Sons Prize for Raspberries


59 CPM Ltd Trophy for Best Overall Entry of Raspberries



Name Clock House Farms


60 The East Malling Trust Prize for Blackberries


61 The Bloomfields Cup for best overall entry of Blackberries






Name T R Tame & Son

65 Bennett Opie Ltd prize for Walnuts





Name Stockbridge Nutteries

63 The Rural Planning Practice AOV Cobnuts


54b John Bardsley Tankard for Best Entry of Cobnuts






Name Bentley's Castle Fruit Farm


92 The Four Jays Group Trophy for best blended apple juice


93 The A&P Hill (Fruit) Trophy best single variety apple juice


94 The Crown Trophy best blended juice (two or more types of juice)







Name Dowdings

66 The Engage Agro Trophy - Best Traditional Cider - Sweet Still



Name Dudda's


67 The Engage Agro Trophy - Best Mixed Blend Cider - Apricot



Name: Double Vision


68 The Engage Agro Trophy - Best Pear/Perry - Fine Kent Perry



Name: Turners

69 South East Farmer Trophy --Best Sparkling Cider - Fine Cider






Winner: Clock House Farm Ltd




Winner: L Stevens & Son





1st Prize presented by The Fruit Grower


Name & Variety Simon Bray- - Jazz


2 Runners Up: 2nd J K & V L Knight, 3rd Clock House Farms Ltd





Name & Variety Claygate Farms Ltd - Concorde


2 Runners Up 2nd Bardsley Horticulture Ltd, 3rd Clive & Richard Edmed




Winner - BASF




Winner - N.P. Seymour






Name: Biddenden Vineyards





Claygate Farms Ltd




Best in Show Jazz AJ Bray 98.5 points


Best Bramley Bardsley Horticulture Ltd 96.5 points


Best Gala Mallions 97.25 points


Best Cox Claygate Farm 97.25 points


Best Braeburn AC Goatham & Son 98 points


Best Pear J L Baxter - Concorde 96 points



That is all for this week, next week more from The National Fruit Show including latest machinery!


Take care


The English Apple Man