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8th Mar 2024 - A funny old week

This week The English Apple Man has had a 'funny old week'


Both my wife and I struggle with 'mobility' and receive help from a wonderful lady who specialises in Reflexology and Holistic Massage.


Monday and my wife and I were benefitting from Reflexology and Massage and on Tuesday, we were off to an NHS Clinic where my wife and her Consultant updated her progress, onto M&S for a light lunch and 'a bit of shopping'


Wednesday: The EAM visited Dr Robert Saville at NIAB East Malling to discuss the next stage of Growing in Kent & Medway and the opportunities for the development of grant aided development of sustainable projects.


Thursday: At home researching and writing this week's EAM Journal.


Friday: Continuing writing and in the afternoon attending Kent Farmer Ken Jenner's Memorial Service.

Last October The English Apple Man published an article covering the "first tranche" of Growing in Kent & Medway's development initiative. Click on Growing Kent & Medway Sustainability Challenge


In next week's Journal The EAM will expand upon Growing Kent & Medway Business Sustainability Challenge?


The headline statement......


Local innovation with a big impact: funding to support sustainability in horticultural and plant-based businesses


"Apply for a grant worth between £10,000 and £50,000.


"The second round of our Business Sustainability Challenge is now open!!!




Following last week's Branded - Club Apple article, my friend Tito Spaldi of Isocel sent me some slides from his visit to PROGNOST FRUIT held last year in Italy.


Mostly some shade of red to explain the individual qualities to the consumer?


These are the interesting slides illustrating the drive by the fruit industry in identifying 'a point of difference' either by Brand/Club variety or 'catching the eye' with innovative labelling etc.


The first shows the myriad of new varieties and quite frankly it is not easy for an average consumer to really distinguish one from the other except the colour maybe BUT Then most of them are some sort of RED.



The second slide highlights the trend that believes a label with a logo or funky name creates a recognisable BRAND - well out of all the labels shown, there is maybe one that can be also called a brand - the others are just labels!!!



Below: A categorization of various apple varieties



Below: "It's not a Club or Branded apple, but Bramley is very recognizable and it's quality as a cooking apple renowned!




Ken Jenner Memorial Service


This afternoon The EAM attended the Memorial Service for Marden Farmer Ken Jenner. Ken passed away on February 5th at the age of 87.


A packed church paid tribute to a man who was revered for his gentle manner, his kindness to members of the community and with his brother David a partner in their farming business for 70 years.


His son Nigel paid tribute in his eulogy and shared poignant memories of Ken's exploits over so many years.


Nigel reiterated that Ken was a very calm person, never losing his temper....except on one occasion when accompanying his Dad to a Vintage Motor Show in one of his historic cars, beautifully we arrived, a large bird deposited onto the shining bonnet, from above a rather nasty mess, that drew a rather strong expletive!


That is all for this week


Take care


The English Apple Man