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The English Apple Man is a website dedicated to informing consumers about how the apples they buy in Supermarkets, Greengrocers, Farm Shops and other outlets are grown, harvested and marketed.



The Journals give a weekly update on events in our English apple orchards, using pictures and video clips to follow seasonal activities and giving the consumer a level of detail not available from any other source.


All aspects of growing, harvesting, storage, grading, packing and marketing are included enabling consumers to understand the challenges English growers face in supplying our sophisticated market place.





While there is enthusiastic support for older traditional varieties from dedicated interest groups and supportive media, the English Apple Man will endeavour to explain why support for the mainstream commercial production of English apples is vital to a sustainable apple industry in this country, delivering recognised benefits to the health of our consumers while maintaining our diverse and beautiful countryside.


Varieties grown commercially are relatively few in number, when matched against the 2300 varieties on display at The National Fruit Collection at Brogdale in Kent and while there is an increasing desire by all parties to retain and where possible reintroduce the best of our heritage varieties, the sustainability of our apple acreage depends on no more than a dozen varieties.





However, that does not mean we should dismiss all the efforts of growers determined to maintain our many heritage varieties, we must support all our producers, whether they be small in acreage, selling directly to the consumer, or large scale operations growing a thousand acres or more and totally dependent on supplying our supermarkets.


The History of The English Apple Man is a story of a lifetime spent in the industry, as a boy straight out of school, then as a young man developing all the practical knowledge of growing and later taking on the management of the family fruit farm, then changing course to join the major supplier of English Apples in a technical role and finally becoming Technical Director with a responsibility for product and environmental safety, product quality, and technical innovation.


Now retired, The English Apple Man will bring his unique experience of the English apple industry to all who visit the English Apple Man website.





National Fruit Show


Due to the influence of COVID-19 the 2020 National Fruit Show will be a VIRTUAL EVENT


Click on NATIONAL FRUIT SHOW 2020 to access web site and opportunity to register for this year's event.


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Latest Journals


More reporting from the National Fruit Show


In this week's Journal The English Apple Man reviews more of the presentations from last week's 'Virtual' National Fruit Show


Below: left; NFS President Teresa Wickham and right; NFS Chair Sarah Calcutt



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2020 National Fruit Show


The 87th National Fruit Show took place on 22nd October (yesterday!) as a 'one day' virtual event.


Judging of the show fruit and tastiest apple took place on Wednesday (21st October) - The English Apple Man was privileged - 'again' to be part of the 'Tastiest Apple' tasting panel.


In the last decade, either Rubens or Jazz have been judged the tastiest.


The 'virtual National Fruit Show had so many excellent presentations by such eminent speakers, that it will be impossible to do justice to all in one edition of The English Apple Man Journal, therefore the content will be spread over several weeks!


The programme!


10am Opening address of the show: Lord Krebs.


10.15am Session 1: RED Extra - British Produce Futures.


12pm - 2pm: The National Fruit Show Live's Technical Experts Forum.


2pm - 4.30pm. Session 2: Insight - the Worshipful Company of Fruiterers and the Fruit Produce Journal present a panel discussion showcasing the latest research in top and soft fruit.


4.30pm: The Livery Awards.


5pm - 6pm: National Fruit Show Prize Winner's Announcements by a virtual cider bar with Nigel Barden.




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Celebrating British Apples and Pears


Harvest is still underway, with the late varieties Jazz and Braeburn nearing completion.


Next week the National Fruit Show celebrates the best of British Apples & Pears with the 87th Show


The Marden Fruit Show Society (MFSS) is a Registered Charity run by a voluntary committee who represent many different facets of the fruit industry. The aim of the Society is to promote the better growing, grading and marketing of fruit.


The Society organises the National Fruit Show, which acts as a meeting place for the industry. The centrepiece of the show, held each October, is the largest competitive display of commercially grown top and soft fruit staged in the UK.


To view a history of apples in Britain: Click on GREAT BRITISH APPLES & PEARS HISTORY


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October Trade Shows


October is the month when the 'top fruit industry' gathers to celebrate and promote our Great British Apples and Pears.


For the first time, this the 87th National Fruit Show will be a 'Virtual Event' due to the influence of COVID-19


Sponsors are always important to the success of the annual show and their support in these times of uncertainty are as important as in any normal year.


The sponsors.























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October brings the later maturing apples


All the September varieties should have been picked and as we enter October, Cameo, Jazz, Braeburn & Magic Star are next on the harvesting list.



Other September varieties


Below: Rubens

Rubens - harvesting should now be nearing completion on all sites


Below: Gala


Gala - Firmness has changed very little over the past week, but starch and brix levels are now falling rapidly. On many of the fruits, the conversion of starch into sugar has now finished and as the apples continue to respire, the stored sugars are utilised, resulting in the overall brix levels falling. As a result, harvesting even for short term storage should now be finished or nearing completion!


Cabaret - harvesting is underway.





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Apple harvesting in 2020


Over the last 60 years, The English Apple Man has been involved with the annual apple harvest.


The first as a teenager 'just out of school' in 1958!


In those far off 'halcyon days' when trees were much, much bigger, some 25ft tall, wooden ladders were integral to the mode of picking.


We picked in those days with a canvas bag on our back, placing the picked fruit into the bag carefully to avoid bruising. The system was tiring and required great care. Once the bag was full, we would make our way to empty the bag, using our hands/arms to keep the bag clear of our body, or damage could/would occur!


The next task, emptying the contents of the bag (20-30lb of fruit) into boxes without damaging them!


The process meant we spent a large amount of time moving ladders, climbing 'up & down' ladders and walking carefully from tree to boxes before emptying with great care e.g. 'slowly'




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News of a new variety of apple, perfect for gardens.


There are apples that fit into the commercial sector and some best suited to a garden. All can deliver good fruit and great eating pleasure, but for the 'taste off the tree' experience, some stand out!


A new apple


BLADON PIPPIN is it's name and it has a fascinating background story



Sean Morris, the owner of the variety discovered an apple tree growing in the grounds of his office and when the tree began to produce fruit, he found the apples to be very tasty.


In fact he describes it as similar to Cox Orange Pippin, 'but better - When Sean retired, he decided to dig the tree up and plant it in his garden.


Bladon Pippin is now trade marked protecting it's unique identity. Bladon Pippin TM




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2020 Apple harvest is well under way!


It's all hands to the pump (as they say) with harvest for long term storage completed for Bramley & Cox apples and Conference pears.


Gala, the number one British apple has started at 'early sites' and about to get going on the remaining regions


harvesting Bramley at AC Goatham - after viewing the video, exit twitter and return to the EAM Journal.



Correct harvest date


There is general agreement that apples destined for medium or long-term storage should be in an unripe condition at the point of harvest but close to the onset of ripening (sustained increase in ethylene production and in respiration rate).





Picking too early is to be avoided since fruits are likely to have a tough texture, high acidity, low sugar and poor flavour development. Early picked fruit may also have insufficient red coloration (important for dessert cultivars) and may have increased susceptibility to storage disorders such as superficial scald, bitter pit and core flush.


Late picked fruit are likely to be too soft for the market and to develop disorders such as senescent breakdown during storage or marketing. The general appearance of the fruit may be adversely affected and the background colour may be too yellow for market requirements. In the case of some cultivars such as Gala, skin can become greasy when picked over-mature.


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Have you got an orchard in your garden?


As the commercial apple harvest gets seriously under way, The English Apple Man looks at growing your own.


It may not be possible to compete with the commercial grower on price and availability, but the joy of picking from your own tree and eating your own apples is unbeatable!


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Apple harvest approaches, but what about storage?


By the end of next week many growers will be picking Cox and Gala for 'long term storage'


What do we mean by long term?


The practice of storing apples until February/March was how we labelled, long term for many years.


As storage science improved, Cox crept into April and for marketing purposes that was ideal, with the arrival of Cox from New Zealand, followed by NZ Gala soon after.


British Gala was not considered suitable for marketing much beyond February in the early years of 'home grown' production, but as volumes built up and nutritional and storage sciences developed, Gala has been stored and marketed into early summer May/June.


Over the course of the last 2-3 years with the aid of DCA (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere) storage and a better selection of fruit with the optimum 'dry matter content' - storage potential has extended, British Gala has been successfully stored into August when the first of home grown 'New Season' apples become available.






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Gala Club 2020


The Gala Club over the last 25 years has been instrumental in developing growing & storage practices, Gala clone advancement and public awareness, all of which has taken the variety from a minor one back in the 1990's to the 'number one apple' grown by British growers today.


In 2019 the Gala Club committee decided the formality of a Gala Club and annual pre-harvest meeting was no longer required. However elements of pre-harvest technical advice would now be undertaken by EKFS with the Gala Club integrated into the East Kent Fruit Society.


As Gala harvest approaches, forecasting optimum harvest dates is becoming more refined.


Below: Mark Tulley


The tried and tested process monitors starch levels, fruit firmness and brix (sugars) but Mark Tulley and his team at Landseer have been trialling Chlorophyll degradation as an early indicator of harvest date.


Landseer have been developing this process since 2012. Monitoring the chlorophyll degradation by measuring the fluorescence, Mark and his team have developed a hand held tool for measuring the fluorescence level indicating the degradation.


The benefit of using chlorophyll degradation over the current system is a circa 7 day forewarning of the optimum harvest date. Current science using starch reduction as the prime indicator is accurate but does not give growers 'an early warning'


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Award winning orchard - award winning farm!


The annual East Kent Fruit Society (EKFS) orchard competition normally celebrates with a walk around the winning orchard. With COVID-19 still causing havoc, like so many annual events, the 2020 orchard walk has been cancelled and replaced with a 'Virtual Orchard Walk'


The Chair and EKFS organising committee announced this year's event.


"The winner of the Top Fruit Orchard Competition this year is A C Hulme and Sons with a Braeburn orchard at Brook Farm.


The orchard that came second overall is a Pear orchard, also at Brook Farm and it will be interesting to see the two as part of the virtual walk.


There will be a virtual walk of the winning top fruit orchard on Zoom from 5.30 pm".







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Apples, Apricots and a bit about bees!


2020 has been a year of extremes, but there are some great stories to tell!


The new apple season is with us: our first dessert apple, Discovery is available and if not already on Supermarket shelves, it will be in the next few days.


Cherries are still available in Supermarkets - The EAM bought some 'Regina' in Tesco grown by Angus Davison in Hereford - a delicious variety!


English Apricots have been enthusiastically received as a 'testimonial from a consumer' demonstrates beautifully!


As the new season apples come on line, home grown 2019 season Gala and Kentish Kiss (Magic Star) offer great visual and eating value.


The variety Magic Star is marketed in Tesco under the name of Kentish Kiss!




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Apples for a warm climate


As I write this week's Journal, my subject seems very appropriate. On my family tree in the garden (Discovery, James Grieve & Red Devil) the early season is accelerating with the hot weather. Today in my region (St. Leonards-on-Sea) the temperature is circa 29 degrees C. In other regions much higher.


When temperatures regularly reach 40C traditional (temperate climate) apples struggle to adapt.


While it is rare for UK temperatures to reach much beyond 30C sun scorch can be a problem in most seasons and in Europe in hotter climates sun scorch can be a real problem.


Below: Sun Scorch after 40C + temperatures


The English Apple Man saw apples exposed to 40C+ in Belgium last year and 'only a day or two' of those conditions can cause serious damage.


In countries where temperatures regularly rise above 40C fruit internal condition will suffer as well, so we are looking for apples that stay crisp and juicy during high temperatures and colour up well despite hot nights. Today's 'Bi- coloured apples (Gala, Braeburn et al.) need cold nights and warm days to generate red colour.


The solution; has to be new varieties capable of surviving and flourishing, "as global temperatures continue to rise and regions where summertime temperatures are consistently in the 'high 30 degree C + zone' are experiencing more regular temperatures of 40C +


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British Cherries - a great success story


The world of British Cherries has changed considerably over the last 25 years and 'exponentially' over the last 10 years.


The change from the large cherry trees which bestrode the Garden of England in the 19th century, extending well into the 20th century, started when growers moved from those very tall trees onto smaller trees grown on dwarfing rootstocks. The semi-dwarfing Colt rootstock arrived in 1970's enabling smaller trees, but due to it's characteristic need for adequate winter chill, often (most often) failed to produce a commercially worthwhile crop.


Cherries were always at risk of splitting when rain fell during harvest time, birds which were discouraged by minders wandering through the cherry orchard with shot guns in days gone by, were gradually replaced by 'bird netting'


25 years ago, forward thinking growers erected 'bird nets and plastic covers' over their Colt grown cherries, but not until the emergence of 'dwarfing Gisella rootstocks' which didn't require the level of winter chill and by their nature much more precocious cropping, did the modern cherry industry really take off!


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Beautiful Blueberries


This week The English Apple Man joined fellow members of East Kent Fruit Society for a ZOOM visit to WB Chambers and a SOFT FRUIT VIRTUAL VISIT AT BELKS FARM, OTHAM.


Tim Chambers is the third generation of a family business that started in 1952 and has been head of an ever expanding fruit business since 1990. Under Tim's leadership, WB Chambers has become a large supplier of Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Blueberries and Cherries to leading UK Supermarkets.


In 2019 WB Chambers opened a state of the art prepared fruit packing unit called the Fruitery a £2,000,000



Chambers grow an extensive range of berries, currants and stone fruit and is especially recognized as market leaders in the year-round supply of quality raspberries and blackberries. The company is also a leading player in the supply of blackcurrants, redcurrants, cherries, gooseberries, strawberries, blueberries and rhubarb.


Click on WB Chambers for an in depth look at their business.


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Wimbledon and Strawberries & Cream


We are now in Wimbledon Fortnight!


No Tennis but plenty of re-runs of past great matches on BBC TV.


Wimbledon and Strawberries are synonymous during the All England Championships.


Strawberries have been a part of ancient Europe since time immemorial, as they were mostly consumed to help with labour pains and help prevent bad breath.


Legend has it that Thomas Wolsey first served the combination of strawberries and cream back in 1509 in a banquet.


Cream was a part of the diet of the peasants, not the aristocrats, and strawberries and cream can be seen as amalgamation that brought together the rich and the poor.


For the last 27 years, Wimbledon strawberries have been 'exclusively' supplied by Marion Regan and Hugh Lowe Farms.


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It's July so what's going on in our orchards?


This summers has delivered a mix of hot dry periods and some rainfall. Some of the rainfall has been accompanied by hail which has caused serious damage on some farms/areas. Although blossom time was generally dry and sunny, there were occasional frosts in some areas.



This week The English Apple Man attempts to update the state of our home grown orchards with the help of his friendly agronomists.


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Coping with the very hot weather?


The weather these last few days has been very warm and The English Apple Man has been feeling it. Taking a step outside into our garden after lunch it has felt like an oven!


Ensuring our garden plants have enough water means spending half an hour before supper watering the most needy plants, in particular the hanging baskets which dry out so quickly and if not looked after never full recover.


So when deciding what to write about this week, my thoughts turned to our British growers and the apple and pear orchards suffering in this heat.


What triggered me targeting 'irrigation technology' as the subject of this week's Journal?


While checking LINKEDIN for stories of interest earlier this week I came across Antony Yousefian Ag-Tech Director of BARDSLEY ENGLAND talking about Phytech technology in operation in their apple orchards.



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Magic Star apples and English cherries


Magic Star apples and new season English cherries feature in this week's Journal.




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Remembering a fellow fruit grower and a friend


From time to time we all lose friends, an increasingly familiar event for those of us in our dotage.


Last week we lost Clive Edmed who has been growing fruit and hops for many years at Hayle Farm, Horsmonden.


Hayle Farm is situated in a tranquil valley in the Weald of Kent between the small village of Horsmonden and the Sussex border. The area is known as "The Garden of England" and is designated an "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty"


Clive Edmed has farmed here for over 39 years and in the last 25 years has been joined by his son, Richard, making at least 5 generations of hop growers.




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Taking an Orchard Walk


This week The English Apple Man took a walk in some apple orchards for the first time since before the Coronavirus lockdown.


I am very grateful to my Agronomist friends who have been sending me pictures and information over the last few weeks. I will still be drawing on their technical knowledge in future weeks, but it was nice to get in an orchard myself again!


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Tracing issues are in the news!


With tracing apps in the news, The English Apple Man investigates a new App designed to assist fruit growers manage orchard management and improve product profitability.





Over 90 people attended the highly successful 32nd BIFGA Technical Day, held on Thursday 23rd January 2020, at Dale Hill Conference Centre, and there I met Kaye Hope of FARMABLE.



Hey! I'm Kaye, the Commercial Lead for Farmable. I spend most of my time talking with growers to better understand how they use technology today and what their needs are for better software in the future. As a Canadian living in Norway, I love speaking with farms from around the world and finding the common threads - it's incredible how similar we are despite the distances that separate us.


Kaye Hope reviews the rapid development of FARMABLE over the last few months.


"This is our first season with the Farmable app in the UK and we have had 35 British farms register and start using Farmable over the past couple months. 8 of these 35 are committed pilot farms who we have regular contact with to get product feedback, but we are happy to grow this number. The most important work we do as a software team is to work closely with growers and agronomists to check and double check that we are building something user-friendly and valuable to their daily work".


The most important work we do as a software team is to work closely with growers and agronomists to check and double check that we are building something user-friendly and valuable to their daily work".



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Prospects for this season's Apple & Pear crops


It is at this time of the year when growers and agronomists are assessing the potential fruit set and prospects for this season's apple and pear crops.


In 'days gone by' when trees were much larger and the fruitlets were hidden by leaves, the wise old sages would proclaim: "best go away and come back after Derby Day" - it was amazing how trees which appeared to carry very few fruitlets, changed and by early June (Derby Day) many a grower would say "where did they all come from?


In today's orchards where trees are small and fruitlets are almost ALL visible soon after blossom develops into tiny fruits, assessment is much easier. Of course it does not necessarily turn into a full crop - previous weather events may influence a heavier than natural 'drop' (we always called this the June Drop) but it is usually late June/ early July before the natural thinning takes place.


So growers and agronomists must decide the action required to enhance the final crop yield and quality!







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A Virtual World, a sign of the times and Jack Frost has been about!


Who would have thought this time last year that we would be living in a virtual world?


Facetime, What's app, Zoom, etc.


Last year and every year before, going back many years, The British Independent Fruit Growers Association (BIFGA) have held a Spring Farm Walk. This year COVID -19 put a stop to that!


But BIFGA Chairman (and founder) John Breach suggested to his committee a 'Virtual Farm Walk'


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Looking back with pride and looking forward with hope!


Last week we had a bout of Nostalgia - this week we will look ahead to the changes in Fresh Produce supply in the wake of COVID - 19.


But first let us remember the 75th Anniversary of the end of the last 'major' challenge faced by our Nation.






Today is VE Day - the anniversary of the 'official end' to World War 2 in Europe, when the defeat by the allied armies saw the surrender of Nazi Germany on 8th May 1945.


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Nostalgia is a wonderful thing!


In these difficult times, and with time on our hands in 'lockdown' looking back over the life we have led, especially for us 'senior citizens' brings many nostalgic times to the forefront our minds.


Below: Dan The Apple Man




Throughout my life, I have been very lucky to meet and get to know many of the great characters of our fruit industry and by coincidence last week I stumbled on a 'Linkedin' post by one of those characters.


So today I reminisce back to the days of my youth, when life was simpler and Coronavirus was just an idea in a science fiction writer's head!!!!


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Blossom has been early this year


The COVID-19 Pandemic dominates our lives and anything else seems trivial in the face of the challenge faced by us all and particularly for those families who have lost loved ones in the most tragic circumstances


In our orchards and gardens, the many species in blossom is of some comfort for those of us in lockdown.


Below: left; Cox apples in full bloom on 22nd April in Herefordshire and right; Bladon Pippin in the EAM's Garden today 24th April



Over the last 50 years, the average blossom time has progressively come earlier and earlier. The blossom time varies from year to year, sometimes very early and sometimes not so early, but over time the average blossom time has advanced by circa 14 days.




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What to write about this week?


Finding the right subject to write about is difficult, the world we are living in is a surreal one and previous everyday subjects pale in significance as the desperate battle for lives continues in hospitals and care homes across the nation.


With many fruiting and ornamental trees in blossom, The English Apple Man shares pictures sent in by Agronomists 'crop walking' in our grower's orchards and a few selected from my own garden.




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In these demanding days, it is nice to see the sunshine as blossom takes centre stage


This last few days have been devastating for so many families as loved ones fight this evil Pandemic.


We can only follow scientific advice and hope this will eventually get us over the current 'very scary' situation.


A small comfort has been the beautiful sunshine of late, however that is a blessing for those of us with a garden but of not much solace to those trapped in a flat.


The Sunshine has brought the bees out, here pollinating pear blossom.


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Another week, and what a week!


Each day brings an escalation of sad news as the COVID-19 virus takes an increasing hold on our Nation. Every fatal statistic is heartbreaking for families and those in close relationship with a loved one. As a couple of 'old fogies,' my wife and I stick to the rules of self-isolation, but the mental tension is one of the hardest emotions to keep under control!


To all EAM readers STAY SAFE


During the coronavirus crisis, many people will sadly be out of work. In last week's Journal, we identified BARDSLEY ENGLAND as an opportunity for employment in the West Kent area. In conversation with Ben Bardsley today, he is delighted with the response. At this moment in time, Bardsley has no vacancies. but as the season develops more vacancies should become available.


We also identified ANGUS GROWERS


One of the jobs opportunity websites is: BRITISH SUMMER FRUITS Once opened, click on the location map to view individual grower details.


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The English Apple Man contemplates this crazy time we are living in.


This is a time of unprecedented anxiety for our nation, and many more throughout the world. One only has to look at twitter and LinkedIn to understand the plethora of opinions - many very positive and sadly some very negative!


As a pair of old fogies, my wife and I have been the recipients of offers of help: shopping etc. and this kindness to neighbours is a countrywide demonstration of all the good and caring members of society!


Sadly some through selfishness and/or ignorance have performed stupid and in some cases disgusting acts against the very people trying their best to help them. One story of six ambulances in East Kent, where some idiot drilled holes in the tyres, beggars belief.


Joining our neighbours clapping our wonderful and brave NHS workers last night, demonstrated the appreciation felt my most of the population for their sterling effort on our behalf.



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We are all living in a very uncertain world!


At this time of the year, The English Apple Man would normally be concentrating on the development of the new apple and pear season!


At this moment in time, the season is circa 10-12 days earlier than the long term average. Talking to a grower friend today he started spraying for apple scab 10 days earlier than last year.


However, with Coronavirus dominating our minds and every day bringing a greater level of anxiety, I have found it difficult to think about anything else!


Just two weeks ago I was at an Awards Dinner mixing with friends, with no real concern for what would become an exponential upward curve towards the most challenging period in our lives since World War 2.


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Extract from AHDB Tree Fruit Day + more news


The AHDB Tree fruit day held at NIAB/EMR on Thursday 27th February covered many subjects but fighting Bacterial Canker in Cherries in particular resonated with The English Apple Man.


The possibility of bacteriophages as a means of combatting canker is the latest area of research by NIAB/EMR scientists working on AHDB projects.


The British top fruit (Apples & Pears) season still has some months to go, but 'down under' New Season New Zealand apples are on their way"


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It's all about taste this week!


The English Apple Man attended the Taste of Kent Awards on Thursday and today Friday with Marden Fruit Show colleagues, spent the morning tasting and judging apple, pear and other juices for the annual Fruit Juice Competition.


It's funny how things work out, but we spent last weekend in Wiltshire celebrating my brother's birthday and on Tuesday visited good friends for lunch, which featured the hostess's fabulous Pavlova.


Below: Tracy (right) and her assistant Lisa preparing our weekend of culinary delights!



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Tree Fruit Day, migrant workers and taste of summer


On Thursday, The AHDB (Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board) held their Annual 'Tree Fruit Day' at NIAB/EMR.


This event is always a very educational occasion, as research scientists update the attendees on AHDB projects.


The English Apple Man will feature The Tree Fruit Day in next week's Journal on 6th March.


This VIMEO highlights the importance of seasonal workers for the future of British grown produce.


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The English Apple Man investigates critical nutrients


It matters not what we grow, delivering critical nutrients is essential for maximising performance.


At the BIFGA Technical Day, John Keyte from YARA identified critical elements in nutrients for growing apples.



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An insight into what new Agriculture Bill has to offer


The UK government has introduced new legislation which ensures that farming subsidies will continue to be paid to UK farmers for 2020.


The 9th January saw the governments first step to 'provide continuity for farmers and ensure subsidies are paid this year', post-Brexit, by putting forward the Direct Payments to Farmers (Legislative Continuity) (DPLC) Bill.


This confirms that farmers should expect to receive similar levels of funding for direct payments in 2020 as what was received for 2019. The Bill for 2020's direct payments at least provides some financial and legislative certainty for the next year.


With the new Agriculture, Bill understood to move away from 'direct payments' in favour of environmental measures perceived as 'public goods'.


This legislation holds a funding package of £2.852 billion for 2020, which will be administered by governments across the UK and is to be implemented in time for our withdrawal from the EU.


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Canker - the number 1 challenge for apple growers


At the BIFGA Technical Day in January, Dr. Lucas Shuttleworth from NIAB/EMR presented an update on Canker research.


Below: Dr. Lucas Shuttleworth and right: a severe canker infection/wound and Spores



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BIFGA, Brexit and more besides


Today we officially leave the EU and some will celebrate while others are aghast at the prospect. There is still a long way to go and this year 'Boris and his band' must achieve so much to bring the Leave/Remain factions back into a united Great Britain!





This week The English Apple Man covers one of the presentations at this year's BIFGA Technical Day. More presentations will be covered in the coming weeks!



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A busy and eventful week for The English Apple Man


What a week!


Hospital visits!


The 2020 East Kent Fruit Society AGM Dinner and Orchard Competition Trophy Presentations, held at Boughton Golf Club (near Faversham )


The 2020 BIFGA Technical Day held at Dale Hill Golf Club & Hotel




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It's mid January already


What does The English Apple Man have on his mind?


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At this time of the year, 'motivation' can be hard to come by!


With the weather, primarily dull and dreary, days still short of daylight hours, do you find it hard to engender enthusiasm?


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Happy New Year


As a New Year and a New Decade begin, The English Apple Man looks forward to the coming year.


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Looking back over 2019


As we draw to the end of 2019 and 2020 beckons, The English Apple Man looks back at some of the highlights of the past year.


One of the most memorable events this year was the recognition of my dear friend Roger Worraker when he received the Presidents Award on his 90th Birthday at the Marden Fruit Show AGM from MFS President Michael Jack.


Below: Michael Jack, Roger Worraker & MFS Chair Sarah Calcutt



Click on Roger Worraker People Profile to read the story of Roger's life story!


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Crisps for Christmas


With five days to go, we are busy stocking up with Christmas goodies


As Christmas approaches there will be the prospect of temptation to eat many tasty, but not necessarily healthy foods. Crisps and snacks loaded with salt and sugar at the top of the temptation list!


BUT thanks to a truly inspirational entrepreneur a fantastic selection of healthy and tasty crisps bring the opportunity to satisfy the taste buds without consuming salt & fat.



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Election Special


Today Friday 13th December is Lucky for some and Unlucky for others!



Many will be surprised by the level of swing away from the Labour party; The Conservative Government are in a strong Parliamentary position, but MUST follow up the faith of (former) traditional Labour constituencies by delivering support for their dreams of a better life!


Mr Johnson later told jubilant aides in Conservative HQ: "We must understand now what an earthquake we have created.


"The way in which we have changed the political map of this country.


"We have to grapple with the consequences of that, we have to change our own party, we have to rise to the level of events, we must, we must answer the challenge that the British people have given us."


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News from USA Growers


In last week's Journal The English Apple Man relayed news form 'down under' and this week we take a look at some interesting news from apple growers in USA.


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It's been a funny old week!


The English Apple Man's thought pattern has been deflected this last 10 days by 'investigative' hospital visits.


This week's Journal will be a bit 'off track'


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What's on our Supermarket shelves


As November draws to an end, The English Apple Man visits Supermarkets to see what apples & pears are on offer!




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Is BIG beautiful and can little survive?


The seemingly inevitable drive towards bigger businesses via amalgamation, take-overs or sometimes organic growth is not confined to manufacturing or service industries.


This week The English Apple Man compares rationalisation in the USA and UK apple industries. Also is there a lasting place for the small volume producer.


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NextGen Fruit Group visit two leading soft fruit businesses


Sorry to my readers who sign in on a Saturday morning! A rather long Journal this week covering a fantastic event for my young friends - The NextGen Fruit Group at which The English Apple Man was privileged to attend.


For more than 50 years, The Under40's Fruit Group has brought young people in the British fruit industry together on a biennial basis for a Conference with the objective of building new friendships, learning new growing and management techniques: until 2015 these Conferences were held in various countries, but always in the Northern Hemisphere.


To celebrate the 50th anniversary, The 2017 Under 40's committee led by Chairman Charlie Dunn 'broke the mould' and organised the first Conference in the Southern Hemisphere in South Africa.


In 2019 the committee led by Chair Emily Cliff set off for Chile and when the 2021 committee took over the reins, a desire to take the U40's format onto a new level was born!




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2019 National Fruit Show


The 2109 National Fruit Show was held at The Kent Event Centre on Wednesday 23rd October. This the 86th anniversary event.


The Marden Fruit Show Society (MFSS) is a Registered Charity run by a voluntary committee who represent many different facets of the fruit industry. The aim of the Society is to promote the better growing, grading and marketing of fruit.


The Society organises the National Fruit Show, which acts as a meeting place for the industry. The centrepiece of the show, held each October, is the largest competitive display of commercially grown top and soft fruit staged in the UK.


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What a very busy week for The English Apple Man


This week The 86th National Fruit Show (NFS) took place at the Kent Event Centre.


The English Apple Man was involved on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday!


On Tuesday morning Judging the NFS 2019 show fruit with fellow judges.


On Tuesday afternoon a visit to Friday Street Farm in Kent to take pictures of Magic Star apples at point of harvesting.


On Wednesday morning the EAM was a Judge in the NFS tastiest apple competition.


On Thursday morning the EAM was a judge in the Taste of Kent Apple & Pear competitions.


On Friday The NextGen Fruit Group invited delegates to two major soft fruit growing and packing businesses.


On Friday evening (as I write) The English Apple Man is feeling very tired - hence the Journal this week is light on written content!

- the

All elements will be featured in EAM Journals in the next few weeks!


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Investigating new orchard systems


Today: Friday 18th October The English Apple Man met Vikram Singh Thakur (a friend) and Rob Saunders from Hutchinson's of Wisbech to view an experimental tree management system trials named HELIOS


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What's going on Globally?


Each country producing apples & pears can easily become 'blinkered' about the problems facing profitability, if we become less insular and look further afield we find fruit growers face pretty much the same set of challenges globally!


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October brings the later maturing apples


In the space of a month we have seen harvesting of Zari, Red Windsor, Estivale, Worcester Pearmain, Cox, Spartan, Egremont Russet, Gala, Rubens, et al.


Cameo, Braeburn and Jazz are next in line.





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A little bit of Nostalgia


Last Saturday The English Apple Man visited Horsmonden Social Club where Horsmonden Nostalgia Group presented a display of nostalgia featuring farming and associated activities in the Parish of Horsmonden in Kent.


Nostalgia increases with age, so I am perfectly placed to suffer from bouts of extreme nostalgia.





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September in the countryside


September is the traditional time for Ploughing Matches which take place across the country. In the South East of England The Weald of Kent & East Kent ploughing societies are well established and well attended.


Click on Weald of Kent Ploughing Match 2019 for an in depth look!


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It's all go, go, go


The 2019 apple & pear harvest is now 'full on' and this week British Apples & Pears launched a new 'White Paper' setting out the future of our 'home grown' top fruit.


Foreword by: Executive Chair - Ali Capper


Apples are brilliant. They are convenient to eat, portable, snackable and brimming with health benefits. They meet every need of today's consumers and we at British Apples & Pears are getting much better at telling our story. Our overarching Great British Apples campaign, with the clear 'An Apple A Day' message, has cut through and is here for the long-term.


They are ambitious and forward looking, increasing productivity levels and sharing the challenging target of increasing market share of British apples to 60% by 2030. To put that in context, we are at 42% now and up from 23% in 2003. In addition, over the last 10 years the British pear market share has grown in volume by 27%.



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September mornings bring on nostalgia


September morn



September morn


We danced until the night became a brand new day


Two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play


September morning still can make me feel that way


Thanks to Neil Diamond































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Great British Apple season harvesting update


It's all happening. Bramley cooking apples for fresh market have been going for a couple of weeks and now Bramley is being picked for long term storage.


Some early picking of Conference pears has started and data supports harvest for long term storage next week.


Discovery has been harvested and the first Red Windsor are ready to occupy Supermarket shelves.


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New season activities


This is the time of the year when fruit maturity (ripening) sets off on an exponential curve!


From the first Discovery it is only a matter of time before a succession of varieties come on line!


Below: Rosette Discovery grown by AC Goatham



Visit Kent On-Line to view AC Goatham & Son start to the new season.


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The English Apple Man celebrates 10 years on-line


This week was the 10th Anniversary of The English Apple Man website.


The first English Apple Man Journal went on-line on 14th August 2009


Click on The English Apple Man Journal for 14th August 2009


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It's a kinda Magic


This week The English Apple Man joined a small group of growers on a two day visit to Belgium and Holland to look at the variety Magic Star®


The appeal of Magic Star is it's ability to store well and deliver great flavour and texture even after one year in store. For British apple growers the possibility of supplying Magic Star after the traditional Gala and Braeburn extending the 'home grown' season beyond the traditional April/May through June & July until the new season starts again in August/September.


To date several Avalon growers have planted Magic Star and plans are in place to add more over the next few years. The oldest are now in the 4th leaf and modest volumes have ben marketed in Tesco stores. Expect a rapid increase in volume over the next few years.


After an early start, we departed Folkstone on the 8.40am 'shuttle' arriving at our first visit in Belgium by late morning.


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We are on the threshold of a new British Apple season


While the last of 2018 home grown apples are still available (Royal Gala) the 2019 season is very close!


The Discovery on my 'family apple tree' are nearly ready to eat, so I expect early sites to be in advance of mine.


Picking for the wholesale market on an early site in Kent started yesterday and will no doubt be followed by others next week.


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Viti-Culture show


On the 11th July, The English Apple Man ventured an hour's drive to Plumpton College near Lewes in East Sussex where the very first Viti-Culture Event took place.



Viti-Culture is the result of not just a vision, hard work and good planning but also teamwork. Organisers Grape-Vine Events, together with media partner Vineyard Magazine have created a formidable team that has put together a show with all the answers. The only question is why no-one thought of it before! To our knowledge there is no other event in the UK that focuses purely on viticulture while providing a show-case event where growers can access advice, supplies, services and have networking together in one place!



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Fruit Focus


This Wednesday The English Apple Man visited Fruit Focus at NIAB/EMR


Attracting an increasing number of visitors year on year, Fruit Focus brings together more than 2000 growers and industry professionals. Over 130 leading suppliers exhibit at Fruit Focus. It showcases all aspects of agronomy, machinery and equipment, business information, pre- and post-harvest technology, and marketing.


Fruit Focus provides a unique opportunity to update on the latest technologies and industry developments, exchange views and network with fellow producers. As well as soft and orchard fruit, vines also feature at Fruit Focus.


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We are now well into the British Cherry season and can look forward to enjoying the finest cherries we will get to eat at any time during the Year for another month 'or so'


East Kent Fruit Society (EKFS) visit Norton Farm Cherries on Tuesday 9th July,


Below: Oh so tasty 'Home Grown Cherries'



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The English Apple Man attends 31st BIFGA AGM


The opportunity to visit growers at this time of the year is always an enjoyable experience.


On Tuesday 2nd July BIFGA held their 31st AGM at Castlewood Farm at Teynham in East Kent.


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Environmental conundrums


Protecting our Environment is a global issue, but how we manage the dangers and defy the 'point of no return' is the subject of many passionate arguments.


Carbon neutral by 2050?


Not nearly soon enough say many; 'particularly young activists' but how do we go about arresting the journey to environmental oblivion?


The real problem is the success of 'homo sapiens' - the exponential rise in global population is surely the single most influence on 'where we are today'


Simply: there are too many people on this planet!







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Biddenden Vineyards celebrate 50 years as a commercial vineyard


Biddenden Vineyard was the first commercial vineyard in Kent in 1969.



Originally home to a 40 acre apple orchard, the Barnes family started to consider diversifying the farm in the late 1960s as apple prices began to decline. After listening to a feature on the BBC's Woman's Hour programme about English vineyards being replanted, Mrs. Barnes was inspired to turn to viticulture.



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Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries!


Soft fruit development has changed dramatically over the years; no longer grown in the soil, modern strawberry, raspberry & blackberry production relies on 'sustainable' coir (Coconut fibre) as a medium in which the plants grow.


Strawberries are either grown in coir growbags or on some cases pots. Raspberries and Blackberries are increasingly grown in pots.


The use of pots & substrate allows flexibility to production processes enabling establishment of blackberries/raspberries in a holding area before placement in tunnels for growing & harvesting. The ability to remove and replace with new pots/plants maximises the production modules (tunnels).


This week the East Kent Fruit Society held their annual Soft Fruit Walk at Clockhouse Farm at Coxheath on the outskirts of Maidstone in Kent.




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The English Apple Man is on holiday in The Cotswolds


This summer we are having a week in The Cotswolds in a Holiday Cottage with our Working Cocker Spaniel - Poppy instead of the annual trip to Malta.


My wife just fancied a quiet week with Poppy relaxing and without the harassment of airports, hiring cars etc in what has become one of the most highly populated countries in Europe.


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The English Apple Man vists a Community Orchard in Tunbridge Wells


Regular readers of the English Apple Man will be aware of my interest in community orchards; specifically following the Capel Diamond Jubilee Community Orchard from it's planting in 2012 until today.


'Friends of Grosvenor & Hilbert' visited the Capel orchard in the Autumn of 2013 as part of a learning curve before embarking on the 'Grosvenor & Hilbert' community orchard.




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Home Grown Royal Gala season extended into August


Royal Gala is our number one variety; 27% of all apples sold in British Supermarkets are Gala, either grown in GB or imported, we now grow in excess of 60,000 tonnes of home grown Gala.




What if we could extend our season into the summer months previously supplied by imported Gala?


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It's mid May and English apples are still available in UK Supermarkets


As we assess the potential fruit set for the 2019/20 season, our Supermarkets still have good displays of apples; Braeburn, Gala, and smaller volumes of Jazz, Crimson Crisp and Envy; with of course our celebrated, Bramley culinary apple. Plus home grown Conference pears.


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Living land and BIFGA Spring Farm Walk


The English Apple Man has been busy with visits to Living Land at The Kent Event Centre and BIFGA's Annual Spring Farm Walk.


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Walking orchards in East Kent


Following last week's walk around Bardsley Farms Blue House Farm at Marden where the apple blossom was at its peak, The English Apple Man joined fellow members of East Kent Fruit Society for a blossom walk at Simon Mount's New Barn Farm at East Stourmouth near Canterbury in East Kent


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Blooming marvellous Blossom and a Presidents Award


As blossom burst forth over Easter, with blooms opening in front of the eyes, bees and other pollinating insects were working hard on every tree.


On Wednesday, The Marden Fruit Show Society held their AGM at the very new Marden Hockey Club.


A very special event took place after the AGM when MFS President the Right Hon. Michael Jack presented a stalwart of our top fruit industry Roger Worraker with The Presidents Award.


Roger Worraker's story is the latest subject of The English Apple Man's People Profiles which went live on line on Wednesday 24th April. Click on Roger Worraker - People Profile for a link to Roger's story.




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It's Easter and the sun is shining, temperatures are circa 20-25 centigrade and the blossom advances by the hour: the Bees are loving it and today observed hard at work collecting nectar while pollinating the apple blossom they alighted upon!



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Looking for home grown apples and pears?


As we approach mid-April, The English Apple Man takes a look at what home grown apples and pears are still available to consumers.


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April can make fools of all of us!


As we enter April, apart from April Fools Day the apple & pear fruit bud development is 'poised' to move from Green Cluster/Early Pink Bud (apples) and White Bud )pears) to blossom as soon as the weather returns to 15-20 Celsius.


Below: Green Cluster and early Pink Bud on apples.



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Robot apple picking and other news!


This week The English Apple Man looks at 'what's new?


The first commercial robot apple picker in operation.


Promotion for an award winning Production Manager.


Agrovista 'Sponsors' report on Under 40's in Chile.





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Are we up a Gum Tree?


With Brexit spiralling into a complete mess, it is difficult for those of us who do not fully understand the complexities of a soft Brexit (whatever that means) and a hard Brexit (feared by many - but not by those desperate to leap into the apparent unknown,) I like many get more confused each day (no sorry, each hour of each day).


"Up a Gum Tree" The phrase originated as 'like a possum up a gum tree' and interpretations of this account for the variety of meaning. The allusion is to possums escaping up trees after being chased by hounds.




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The English Apple Man in a Community Orchard


The English Apple Man joined members of the Capel Parish last Saturday, as they set about pruning their Community orchard, under the guidance of Roger Worraker.


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Life is a series of mysteries


Do you ever wonder about the mysteries of life?


Virus's and Bacteria are embedded in the fabric of life.


Viruses are the smallest and simplest life form known.


The biggest difference between viruses and bacteria is that viruses must have a living host!


Antibiotics cannot kill viruses, but can kill most bacteria.


Bacterial Canker the scourge of many 'tree fruit' trees may be challenged by the use of 'phages'


Bacteriophage, phage(noun) a virus that is parasitic (reproduces itself) in bacteria. "phage uses the bacterium's machinery and energy to produce more phage until the bacterium is destroyed and phage is released to invade surrounding bacteria".


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Time Marches on!


March is here; its the first day of Spring!


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Haygrove Evolution - John Breach and U40's Conference


This week's Journal features Haygrove Evolution a wine & cider business: John Breach honoured by The Worshipful Company of Fruiterers and news of the Under 40's return from their visit to Chile.


Haygrove Evolution is; as the name suggests, an evolving business: Haygrove Evolution was established in 2015.


Combining operations from Vine & Wine, Once Upon A Tree and integrating with local business Haygrove Ltd, Haygrove Evolution is producing Wine & Cider under the Sixteen Ridges and Once Upon A Tree Brands and offering contract processing for other growers.



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Rural Policing


Rural Policing: At the 31st BIFGA Technical Day held at Dale Hill Golf Club on 30th January 2019, one of the presentations was made by Sergeant Darren Walshaw & PC Marc Pennicott from the Kent Police - Rural Liaison Team (RLT). The operational area is divided into three: North Division - East Division and West Division.


While there are many important areas of Policing carried out by the Rural Liaison Team, this week's Journal will cover just a few in depth.




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Maximising Fruit Set and Quality


At the recent AGROVISTA Technical Seminar, the opening presentation 'Maximising Fruit Set and Quality' delivered by Leon Jahae reviewed the broad spectrum of essential elements involved in delivering quality apples.


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A busy week for Technical Conferences


This week The English Apple Man attended two Technical Conferences: On Tuesday the AGROVISTA Technical day and on Wednesday the BIFGA Technical Day.


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Celebrating succesfull orchards


On Tuesday, The English Apple Man joined fellow members of the East Kent Fruit Society (EKFS) for the society AGM, Orchard Competition Prizegiving and Dinner.


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The English Apple Man


This week The English Apple Man highlights an Irish Apple grower in Tipperary + an update on harvest worker availability.


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The English Apple Man takes a look at news from New Zealand


With Brexit dominating our news, our fruit growers continue to worry about where the harvest workers will come from for 2019 and beyond.


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The English Apple Man looks forward to a New Year


As we settle into 2019, what will our New Year's Resolutions be and will we manage to observe any across 2019?


The debacle of Brexit will no doubt continue to dominate the media!





IF- we leave the EU without a deal, what are the prospects for our fruit-growers?




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Looking back on 2018


Another year passes and it will soon by 2019!


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Happy Christmas


Just four more 'sleeps' to Christmas Day!!!!!!!!!!



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What British Apple & Pear varieties are available in Supermarkets


As we approach the last full week of trading before the Christmas week begins, The English Apple Man has taken a 'whistle stop tour' of UK Supermarkets to see how many different varieties are on display in each of the UK retailers.


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Less than three weeks to Christmas


Once December arrives, Christmas is upon us before we know it!


30 years ago in early December when The English Apple Man was still growing apples, we would be busy packing apples for Sainsburys and Tesco; in the packhouse Christmas music adding to the festive atmosphere. The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl singing "Fairytale of New York" released in 1987 was one of our all time favourites!


Now apple packing is a much more mechanised affair with computer aided quality selection and robotic stacking of packed crates commonplace. Much more efficient, but not as much fun!





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This week, more 'variety' from Interpoma


Last week the Journal centred on machinery and in particular picking rigs and platforms.


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What's on show at Interpoma


Touring the Interpoma Trade Show last week, The English Apple Man was keen to identify new 'innovations' for our apple industry.



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The English Apple Man has been in Bolzano


After arriving back in 'Blighty' after two weeks in Malta on Monday, The English Apple Man set off on Wednesday for The Interpoma Trade Show in Bolzano in the South Tyrol with a group of grower friends organised by FAST.


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The Engish Apple Man spends a last few days in Malta


As our holiday in Malta nears it's end, The EAM reflects on more elements of The National Fruit Show.


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The EAM is in Malta


The English Apple Man is now in Malta enjoying a break with Mrs Apple Man and our daughter.



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Celebrating the 85th Anniversary of The National Fruit Show


This week the Marden Fruit Show Society (MFSS) held the 85th Anniversary National Fruit Show at The Kent Event Centre at Detling.


The Marden Fruit Show Society (MFSS) is a Registered Charity run by a voluntary committee who represent many different facets of the fruit industry. The aim of the Society is to promote the better growing, grading and marketing of fruit.


The Society organises the National Fruit Show, which acts as a meeting place for the industry. The centrepiece of the show, held each October, is the largest competitive display of commercially grown top and soft fruit staged in the UK.



In this week's Journal the emphasis is on the celebratory mood and in particular J.R. Breach celebrating their 50th Anniversary of attending the National Fruit Show. Over the next two weeks, I will report on the show more comprehensively and list all the trophy winners and cover many of the outstanding 'trade stands' which are integral to the success of this the 85th anniversary show.



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Apples in a Warmer World


What will the influence be on apple growing if our climate gets warmer?


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The English Apple Man visits Supermarkets


In last week's English Apple Man Journal the English Apples and Pears 2018 Season Launch of 'Great British Apples' highlighted the exceptional taste of home grown apples after the summer sun raised sugar levels above the average.


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Great British Apples


This week English Apples & Pears launched the 2018 season with a promotional event in London.


Great British Apples!!!!!!!!




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Next week is October!


As September draws to a close, what does October offer?



This weekend is The Malvern Autumn Show and my friends Nick Dunn and his Daughter Stephanie will be showing their products from FP Matthews and displaying 350 different fruits.


During October there will be many outstanding opportunities to visit Festivals celebrating our wonderful apples & pears.



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It's been an interesting week for The English Apple Man


As we enjoy a week in Wiltshire, this week's Journal will be a bit of a mixed bag!


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The English Apple Man's in Wiltshire


My wife and I + our dog, are currently enjoying a break in Wiltshire, looking after my brother & sister in law's home & dog while they spend a week on a yacht sailing up the coast of Croatia!


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Gala, Gala, Gala UK's number one apple!


Uk apple growers grow many delicious apples, but Gala is the number one in volume sales!


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Tomorrow is September


As we move from August into September the apple picking season really takes off!


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The English Apple Man visits Suffolk


It's a while since The EAM visited Jeremy Lindsell's Braisworth Orchards in Suffolk but my 3 hour drive from the Sussex coast was well worth it!


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What's next on the menu for UK grown top and stone fruit


The 2018 apple season is underway; albeit with limited supplies of early apples like Discovery. UK Plums are in the early stages of the season with Opal the first to be available on Supermarket shelves.



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Fruit Focus 2018


This week The English Apple Man has been in East Anglia visiting three fruit growers with quite different approaches to growing and marketing. Having arrived back home today at 4.15pm, this week's Journal will reflect on some of the areas of interest The EAM identified at the rcent Fruit Focus 2018.





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The English Apple Man visits prize winning orchards


It's that time of the year when orchard competitions add interest to the summer as a precursor to the new season which is now only weeks away.


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This week has been hotter than ever with temperatures rising into + 30 degrees C


On Tuesday The English Apple Man joined circa 100 attendees at Fruit Science Live held at Brogdale Farm, sponsored by ICL with trial work carried out by FAST Technical personnel.


On Wednesday after an early start, The English Apple Man spent the day at Fruit Focus an annual event highlighting the latest developments in fruit and viticulture.


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After weeks with no rain, a welcome shower here on the Sussex Coast


As we move closer to August, the weather forecast does not promise any general rain, some sporadic thunderstorms, many of which will only produce flash flooding and fail to soak the soil in gardens and production areas. Today, here on the Sussex Coast a welcome few hours of 'gentle drizzle' cooled


The hot weather has influenced the ripening of soft fruit and cherries, potentially shortening the harvesting period of each variety. Lack of rain has made Cherry harvesting easier with no fears of splitting caused by rain, however the high temperatures may be responsible for a reduced crop.


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The World Cup dream is over! What's happening in our orchards?


This season is proving an uncertain one as far as crop forecasting goes, but it does seem to be a little clearer. In the Journal for 29th June I wrote: "After the frosts in 2017 which caused sporadic damage across the country, this season shows 'knock on' effects. Where the crop was light in 2017 'generally' a good crop predicted this season, and where heavy crops were prevalent in 2017, crop predictions are not quite as good.


However, the 'run off' (natural thinning caused by the tree adjusting to 'as yet' unknown influences - extreme cold and/or extreme heat at critical stages of flower development have been suggested) has been general. Growers pointed out some of the anomalies - Gala (naturally a good cropper) has been observed to have set 2-3 apples per bunch on the upper branches, while 1-2 on the lower branches.


The general consensus appears to be: "we are probably looking at a good crop this year, but NOT a bumper crop"


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Growing Cherries in Henry VIII's orchard


On Tuesday EKFS members gathered at Hempstead Farm for the annual Stone Fruit walk.



Hempstead Farm is situated on the site chosen by Henry VIII's Fruiterer, Richard Harris to grow the strawberries, cherries and other fruits loved by King Henry V111. At the heart of what is now recognised as The Garden of England.


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Fantastic weather


Temperatures this week have been as good as Mediterranean countries; in fact better than Brazil's Rio de Janeiro!


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The English Apple Man joins the Under 40's in Herefordshire


On Thursday my wife and I drove to my brother's home in Wiltshire. On Friday I was up early and on the road to Herefordshire joining my Under 40's friends as they held an 'interim' meeting before next year's U40 Conference.


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What a busy week it's been for The English Apple Man


On Tuesday evening East Kent Fruit Society (EKFS) members enjoyed a soft fruit visit to John Myatt at Mockbeggar Farm on the Isle of Grain.


On Thursday we drove from East Sussex to Wiltshire; staying overnight before a two hour drive into Herefordshire to meet up with my young Under 40's friends on Friday morning.



APOLOGIES to my Early morning readers, but after a very busy day, I left the Journal unfinished last night (it's now Saturday morning)


Second APOLOGIES: I hurriedly placed Journal on line (I thought) on Saturday afternoon before driving to Canterbury for a Golden Wedding celebration, only to realise on our return this Sunday afternoon, that I had NOT ticked the 'Live box' - it is now 3.45pm on Sunday 17th June!


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Chapel Down Wines


There is little point in simply trying to be the best. Our passion comes from being the only people who can do what we do. It makes us stronger. We use it to judge absolutely everything. These are the words of Frazer Thompson CEO Chapel Down





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Reviewing a highly successful farm shop enterprise


Last week, The English Apple Man reviewed the rapidly changing structure of global food marketing. This week a look at a very successful farm shop enterprise which has grown from modest beginnings into a retailer of considerable renown.


Twenty years ago my wife and I discovered Macknade Farm Shop, remembering our first impression as we entered a large building which from the outside did not suggest anything special: " AMAZING - we could not initially comprehend the scale of the comprehensive display of 'fine foods' - with so much to choose from my debit card took a hammering!


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Looking forward to another bank Holiday weekend


After the stunning Early May Bank Holiday with record temperatures on the Monday, we approach our second bank Holiday in May with the prospect of higher than average temperatures, but the strong possibility of random showers and some thunderstorms and scarily, the mention of HAIL which sets all fruit growers nerves jangling!


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The English Apple Man reflects on Produced in Kent's Food & Drink Conference


While The English Apple Man now lives in East Sussex, for the first 65 years, my home and working life was exclusively in Kent.


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Record temperatures over the Bank Holiday while many orchards are in full bloom


Bank Holiday Monday was a record with temperatures reaching 27 Centigrade....


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After Monday's extreme rain and cold, what next?


In the space of two weeks, the long cold spring erupted into a stunning display of blossom on plums, pears, cherries and apples.........and ornamentals of many species...........this week its been a mixed bag, with Monday atrociously wet and very cold.......but the week is ending warmer with prospects for the Bank Holiday weekend, warm and fact all of next week promised the Friday 4th May, many of the mainstream apple varieties are in full bloom or just past it.........


The bitter cold on Monday will not help flowers which have pollinated achieve fertilization, but those releasing pollen later this week will have excellent warm conditions for pollen tube growth essential for fertilization.......


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Blooming lovely


After a quiet couple of weeks when fruit buds sat still, last week's well above average temperatures after the prolonged cold weather has initiated an 'explosion' of blossom on all fruit trees...


The English Apple Man had a busy few days: On Tuesday, attending the Food & Drink Conference organised by Produced in Kent at the University of Kent. Wednesday and off to Pluckley for the BIFGA Spring Walk and Thursday at the Marden Fruit Show (MFS) AGM held at Bradbourne House East Malling. In the afternoon, after the AGM and lunch, we visited the AGRI Trial plot with AGRI Agronomist Colin Bird and his assistant Francesca Salinari.


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With the warmest April day for 70 years, nature is playing catch up


In the space of seven days, apple fruit bud has moved from the 'early green cluster stage' to 'early blossom' ............IF we continue with average temperatures (this week has been above average) The English Apple Man anticipates most apple varieties will be in Full Bloom during the first week of May.....


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The English Apple Man visits KMTV and Hole Park gardens


The weather is warming up and 'all plant life' is developing before 'our very eyes'


Below: left; Bladon Pippin is into early mouse ear and right; Discovery at mouse ear/early green cluster



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Easter is over for another year


Easter is over and we are already 1/4 of the way through 2018.......and still no 'clear' indication of when apple blossom time will be, although it is gradually getting warmer..........


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Easter and April showers


Easter is early this year and coincides with a busy week for The English Apple Man's Family.........


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How late is this season?


The winter has been colder than we have seen for a while; plenty of winter chill this year........


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Award Winning Cider made in Kent


Turners Cider, a newcomer to Craft Cider makers is proving a winner..........


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More from NIAB/EMR and Taste of Kent Awards


Last week the English Apple Man reported the research into DMC (Dry Matter Content) being carried out at East Malling. This week, some more research presentations results from the 2018 Taste of Kent Awards....




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The English Apple Man attends a Tree Fruit Day at NIAB/EMR


This seminar covered some key research carried out by NIAB/EMR on behalf of AHDB..........


NIAB EMR is a horticultural and agricultural research institute at East Malling, Kent in England, with a specialism in fruit and clonally propagated crop production. In 2016, the institute became part of the NIAB Group.


NIAB stands for: National Institute of Agricultural Botany.


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Focusing on Rural issues


On Wednesday, The English Apple Man joined fellow members of the Rural Focus Press Group founded by Pat Crawford and held at Hadlow College.


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The English Apple Man is cross


The English Apple Man is very cross...........


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BIFGA Technical Day 2018


The English Apple Man attends the 30th Annual BIFGA Technical Day...........


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Agrovista Conference


The Annual Agrovista Conference held at The Mercure Hotel - Brands Hatch in Kent has become a 'must attend' event for fruit growers....


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The English Apple Man visits East Kent Fruit Society and Agrovista


This is the time of the year when various fruit industry events are held; growers are not quite so busy and able to find time to attend these events..........


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Water, a very precious element


Water; not just quantity, but quality is the subject............


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Crikey, it's nearly mid January!


Each morning, as I get in the shower, its seems like only a few hours (not 24) since my last ablution.......


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What can we expect in 2018?


Looking into the future is a dangerous game - most predictions are proved wrong over time....however....


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a year of many contrasts


Looking back on 2017, there were many contrasting moments; 'personal' and 'professional' and in the world in general.


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Its only 'three more sleeps' to Christmas Day


'As the children say'.....only three more 'sleeps' to Christmas Day when Santa Claus calls...........


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The English Apple Man visits Kirkland's machinery demonstration day


Glossy new machinery is always appealing and there was plenty of it at Kirkland's Demonstration Day held at AC Goatham & Son's Griffins Farm last Friday - 8th December. More than 160 visitors attended the event, which is the third demonstration day since Kirkland re-located to Griffins Farm.


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NFU Farm Forum - Friendship, Fun and Food


On Friday 7th November, The English Apple Man attended a Farm Forum organised by Ashford & Tenterden National Farmers Union (NFU) Branch at Wittersham Village Hall.





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A right Royal opening and The English Apple Man makes juice, U40's Anniversay Ball and other bits and pieces


Today Friday 1st December HRH The Princess Royal formally opened the Arthur Goatham Building...........


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A quieter week for The English Apple Man - 'time to catch up'


With less pressure on my time, there is an opportunity to catch up with some of the visits The English Apple Man has been involved in these past weeks.....


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The English Apple Man visits 'even more' Supermarkets......


Last week The English Apple Man visited Tesco and M&S inspecting displays of Apples and Pears and purchasing samples for 'taste evaluation'


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The English Apple Man visits Supermarkets


Over the next two Journals, The English Apple Man will report on UK apples and pears on sale in our Supermarkets: this week - M&S and week: Waitrose, Sainsbury, Morrison. ASDA, LIDL and ALDI.


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National Fruit Show roundup...


There was too much to cover in last week's Journal, so this week The English Apple Man adds more stories from the 2107 National Fruit Show...


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The English Apple Man at the National Fruit Show


This week the 84th National Fruit Show was held at The Kent Event Centre at Detling Showground in Kent


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After two weeks relaxing in Malta The English Apple Man arrives back home on Saturday morning




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Apples at Ightham Mote


Ightham Mote is the perfect location for an apple orchard with 'iconic historic' apples, most of which are only visible in books or the National Fruit Collection...


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Reaching out to the next generation


Much is made of the influx of migrant workers working in the 'edible' horticulture sector and questions asked why we cannot find sufficient 'home grown' workers........there are many opportunities in the UK horticulture sector for young people to embark on a rewarding career, but education IS the key factor!




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Lots of variety this week


It's been a week of variety this week: Hadlow College on Wednesday, a visit to apple variety 'guru' Joan Morgan with a dozen varieties from my brothers small orchard in his garden in Wiltshire on Thursday and 'today' Friday 29th September involved in the 5th Pip to Plate event at Hadlow College and tomorrow; Saturday 30th September supporting Ightham Mote's apple event..




The Hadlow Focus Group has been part of The English Apple Man's calendar for several years now........


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The English Apple Man visits his brother in Wiltshire


Living in the world of intensive commercial apple and pear orchards, it's nice to get back to basics..........


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Up to date news on 2017 apple and pear harvest


This season is proving to be a challenging one....


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Seeking a point of difference and looking after the soil


In August The English Apple Man escorted a group of German fruit growers in the West Midlands and visited two growers who are trying to avoid the world of 'volume production'


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September morn..........signals Hop picking and Apple picking time.........


From an early age, I was conscious of September marking the start of Hop picking and Apple and Pears being harvested.....


For a view of the past: click on Hop Picking in 1950-59 an old black & white image of 'days gone by'


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It is an early season and as the UK cherry season comes to an end, home grown apples are next...


This season has been a good one for UK cherries.....lots of beautiful fruit, spread over a season which lasted for 10 UK Apples & Pears will take centre stage....broadly speaking the cherry season starts with harvest in East Kent and finishes with cherries in Scotland..........


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The English Apple Man website is now 8 years old!


It does not seem that long ago, but it is now eight years since the first English Apple Man Journal was published on-line on 14th August on The English Apple Man Journal 14th August 2009


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The English Apple Man visits The West Midlands with a group of Dutch Fruit Growers


For the second time in 3 weeks, The English Apple Man visits Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.....


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The English Apple Man and German Fruit Growers visit the West Midlands


Some time ago, my friend Leon Jahae asked me to act as a guide for a group of fruit growers from Lake Constance as they visited fruit growers in Gloucestershire, Hereford and Worcestershire.


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The English Apple Man has been very busy in Kent and West Midlands


Last week The English Apple Man attended Fruit Focus and reported some of 'the action' and this week's Journal will include more from Fruit Focus........this week The EAM has been in the West Midlands visiting growers in Gloucester, Hereford, Worcestershire and Shropshire....which will be reported fully over the next few weeks!


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The English Apple Man visits Fruit Focus


The 2017 Fruit Focus was held on Wednesday 19th July at NIAB/EMR


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At the height of the Cherry season, The English Apple Man visits a prize winning grower


UK Cherries, like Home grown Asparagus, are in my opinion superior to any from overseas.....but the season for both, is short....however modern methods are extending both beyond their 'historic' natural season.




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What are the prospects for the 2017 apple and pear crop


The frosts this spring have left a mixed picture for this year's apple and pear crop.........

Below: left to right: Bramley eye russet, Gala malformed calyx. Conference Pear severe russet



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Celebrating 70 years


In 1947, soon after the end of World War 2, Arthur Conference Goatham set up in business: initially while living in Bearsted buying fruit at the farm gate or at auctions. In 1980 Arthur moved to Hoo on the Isle of Grain and bought Street Farm.








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Looking to the future..........


But what will the future hold?


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English Cherries


From late May - early June, while driving on Country Roads there are countless signs advertising Strawberries & Cherries; that early the Cherries are not English; but now in mid-June with an early season, home grown Cherries are coming 'on stream'


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The English Apple Man in East Kent with the Under 40's


Today: Friday 9th June, The English Apple Man joined the next Under 40's Committee and past and future U40 delegates at Chandler & Dunn's farming enterprise at Lower Goldstone in East Kent.


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Living Walls


Living Walls is a concept for creating vertical green areas where conventional 'horizontal' areas are restricted....its not new, but it is gaining momentum and could be the 'next big thing'...........


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Growing Cider Apples organically in East Sussex


This week The English Apple Man tells a tale of an apple grower who has not sprayed his orchards with anything; no pesticides, no weedkiller, not even foliar feeds.....for more than 20 years.......


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The weather's warmed up!


With the increase in temperatures, and a a decent amount of rain, we are in a 'very growy spell' but not without it's challenges......


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This week's Journal is a bit of a 'mixed bag'


Recent frost is very much in the news; it would appear the continent is the worst hit and Vineyards in particular have been in a fight to reduce the level of damage with 'candles burning brightly'


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How will the mixed weather over the last two weeks influence the potential for this year's crop?


The variation in temperature over the last two weeks has been extreme; what does this mean for our fruit trees in blossom...


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The English Apple Man and BIFGA Spring Farm Walk


Wednesday and The English Apple Man joined fellow BIFGA members for the Annual Spring farm walk, held this year at Mole End Farms...after a very early blossom period, mother nature delivers a scare...frost damage and ice in the air.....


Comparing last week's blossom stages (21st April) with this week (28th April) the blossom development ranges from late bloom on Bladon Pippin to Early Fruitlet on Discovery and Red Windsor. To date no frost damage evident on these trees/varieties here in Hastings Sussex.


Below: left to right: Bladon Pippin, Discovery, Christmas Pippin, Red Windsor - on 21st April


Below: left to right: Bladon Pippin, Discovery, Christmas Pippin, Red Windsor - on 28th April


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Oh Dear, its all change again - life after Brexit has taken on a new dimension!


Last week The English Apple Man attended the Marden Fruit Show Society (MFSS) AGM held at Hadlow College. Presentations highlighting the consequences of government policy on our farming futures were central to our speakers...


Then an announcement of a General Election generates more speculation.....





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Is it mid April or mid May?


For many years Apple Blossom time traditionally came at the end of the first week of least that is how The English Apple Man remembers this very enigmatic event...blossom time is a time of great hope and sometimes trepidation....


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Nature responds to nice UK weather - and a visit to an historic estate in South Africa


Sunshine and higher temperatures are resulting in rapid changes in fruit bud development.....talking to a grower in East Kent today, Pears are at the late blossom/petal fall stage with fruitlets already showing up...Cox at green cluster to early pink bud and Braeburn at Pink bud stage....




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A memorable birthday and more from South Africa


This week The English Apple Man celebrated his 75th Birthday........


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Still plenty to report on U40's visit to South Africa


This week's Journal will concentrate on U40's visit to Haygrove Heaven and Fruitways


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A second installment from South Africa


There is so much to write about the Under 40's visit to South Africa.....could take a couple more weeks...


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More stories from South Africa


The English Apple Man has now been home from South Africa for 6 days and 6 has taken all week to overcome the tiredness....but plenty going on to occupy the mind....


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What a week...5 intensive days in the Western Cape of South Africa..


This, the 50th anniversary of the Under 40's Conference was held for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere; this week's Journal focuses on some of my pictures (I took well in excess of 1,000 + lots of video) with short captions as The English Apple Man only arrived home in mid morning after our overnight flight from Cape 9pm on Saturday, I am battling the tiredness as I try to finish the Journal....body and mind have given up, so finish finishing Journal on Sunday morning.....just walked my dog (Sunday am) and its' 'p.....g' with rain and temperature 4.5C..last week we were enjoying 25C - 40C....its now afternoon and time to 'wrap up' thus week's Journal. Over the coming weeks, The English Apple Man Journal will cover many of the individual visits in greater detail....


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Capetown - here we come....


2017 is the 50th anniversary of the Under 40's Conference and takes place in the Southern Hemisphere for the very first time.....


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Look, no driver...


Driverless tractors are about to make their mark in UK orchards...


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Combating Canker


Canker is almost certainly the most challenging tree health aspect of apple production..


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February can be the most dreary month of the year....but its a good time for going out to lunch...


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What has The English Man been up to this week?


A busy week, with East Kent Fruit Society (EKFS) AGM - Orchard Competition Awards and Dinner at Boughton Golf Club on Tuesday evening and the 29th BIFGA Technical Day at Dale Hill Golf Club on Wednesday.......


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Making the most of weather forecasting


The English Apple Man attended a Seminar this week where advanced local weather forecasting is used to guide growers when the risks of fungicidal infection periods may occur and thresholds for pests reached.


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A New Year under way


What is on the English Apple Man's agenda for 2017?


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What's new!


2017 gathers pace.....its already nearly a week old....


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As 2016 ends The English Apple Man looks forward to 2017


What's in store for 2017


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What's been happening in 2016?


In this week's English Apple Man Journal we will take a look back at some of the events featured in the Journals of 2016


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The English Apple Man attends a Seminar at Brands Hatch


Codling Moth, Cydia pomonella is a serious pest in apple orchards...


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The English Apple Man takes a second look at Interpoma


With more information from my friends Vikram & Simon.....and Richard Killian at FAST


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Still got my nursing hat on!


We have progressed this week, but Mrs EAM is still moving slowly..........not sure I was cut out for Nursing, but when its the lady you love, its surprising what you are capable of!




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This week has been a difficult one!


On Monday; Mrs English Apple Man had a new knee!


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An Englishman in Italy


On Thursday, The English Apple Man joined a small group of growers on a trip to Italy to view a new apple picking platform


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The Great Fruit Adventure


Tuesday morning and The English Apple Man is on route to New Spitalfields Market........


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British Summer Time Ends...


Suddenly the afternoons are shorter, but the sunshine has stayed with us for most of this week.......colder from Wednesday, but still with sunshine illuminating the autumn leaves..."until this afternoon when the rain arrived"...


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National Fruit Show review and Show Fruit at DEFRA


This week The English Apple Man Journal will review the 2016 National Fruit Show and report on our visit to DEFRA in London.....


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Its Showtime!


A busy week; The English Apple Man joined his fellow Judges on Tuesday at Detling Showground in Kent for the judging of the National Fruit Show competition fruit.........


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Sunny autumn days


This week we have enjoyed sunshine, mixed with some crisp autumnal temperatures, just right for walking my dog Poppy....and on Wednesday enjoying a society golf day at Lamberhurst Golf Club with the trees in varying degrees of beautiful autumnal colours.....

Below: Poppy


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October apples


We are now in October and while many varieties have been picked, the later maturing varieties are approaching harvest time.


Below: left - right: Crimson Crisp - Daliclass - Breaburn 'Mariri Red'


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Pip to Plate and other bits and bobs!


Today: Friday 30th September the 4th Pip to Plate event was held at Hadlow College


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Over the Channel to Picardy


The English Apple Man has been in France joining '50th anniversary celebrations and looking at new varieties of apples & pears.


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Mid September and apple & pear picking is in full flow


While the season has been running a week behind last year, the recent warm weather has brought picking forward and it's now 'full steam ahead' for the next few weeks.


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Its Gala Club time!


Another year, another harvest; it's Gala Cub pre-harvest meeting time again....


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Judging orchards in North Kent


The English Apple Man spent Tuesday judging orchards in the Gravesend & Rochester Orchard Competition


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Welcome to a new English Apple Season


The sun has been shining this week adding sugars and flavour to the first English Apples...


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Prize winning orchard


The English Apple Man joined East Kent Fruit Society (EKFS) members on Tuesday evening for the Winning Orchard Walk.


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Farm walk, Friends and Fun


Farming: 'NFU Orchard Competition Prize-giving' - Friends: 'Cricket on Benenden Green' - Fun: 'Golf at Hever Castle'


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Its orchard competition time


It is the time of the year for orchard competitions....East Kent Fruit Society held their competition on 18th & 19th July. The Goudhurst and Paddock Wood NU Branch held theirs on 27th, 28th & 29th July. EKFS Stone fruit judging took place on 28th June.


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Fruit Focus on a very hot day


The Annual Fruit Focus event was held at East Malling Research on Wednesday 20th July.


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A very enjoyable and informative evening on the hottest day in 2016


On Tuesday 19th July, The English Apple Man joined the Under 40's at Brogdale Farm.


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Pollinators, Predators and Productivity


Pollinators, Predators and Productivity


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English Cherries and farewell to a Great Man


Its time for English Cherries again and The English Apple Man attends the funeral of Lord Mayhew of Twysden.


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BIFGA members hold their AGM at Hadlow College


The 28th AGM of the British Independent Fruit Growers Association (BIFGA) was held this week at Hadlow College.


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